Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Flushing Effect

Something unique happened to me today. Now, allow me to clarify what I mean by the title of the post "The Flushing Effect". No, it has nothing to do with being in Flushing Queens for an extended period of time. It also has nothing to do with bathroom activities and/or equiptment. What it has to so is with the side effects of a prescribed medicine I was taking.

A little over a week ago, my doctor prescribed Simcor for my elevated cholesterol levels. He explained to me the possible side effects with Flushing being one of them. He gives 6 days worth of samples to try and a script and sent me my merry way.

I take the 6 days worth of samples and notice no ill effects of any kind so I fill the script. 25 bucks later and I have my supply for the month. It wasn't after my 2nd dose from my script that I felt something different.

The directions for the meds call for you to take the dosage once a night at bedtime with a low-fat snack. I'm not sure why a low-fat snack but its not a hard thing to do. It also calls for the avoidance of any hot liquids and /or alcoholic beverages to be taken with the dose and very explcitly it says to never drink with grapefruit juice. Ok, so I heed these advisories and move forward.

So this morning I wake up at 6:53am with the strangest sensation. First I felt a tinging sensation while I lay in bed. Second I feel certain parts of my body swollen (Don't be nasty, this is a non-sexual story) such as my nose and a few fingers. Third, my skin feels as if I sat out in the sun all day and burned to a crisp. Four, a rash was starting to break out at random intervals on my arms, legs and back. I get out of bed to look for the information sheet that my pharmacist includes with the script that I didn't throw out. Being a pack-rat has its usefulness no matter what my wife says, but I digress.

I read the description and see that I have the symptoms of the side effect known as "Flushing". It says take an aspirin if needed with Dr. Permission. Not sure of what to do, I take a drink of some cold water and decide to wash my face with cold water as well. As I finished in the bathroom, I felt the worst (non-hangover related) dizzy spell that I've had and luckily was able to stumble into my bedrooom and fell to the bed. Once I laid back down, the dizziness subsided and I felt the tingling sensation in a milder form than when I was upright. I call my doctor to let him know what happened (As per his instruction).

He calls me back in about an hour and by my description of how I felt deduced that it was indeed Flushing and told me to no longer take the meds. Now this is what I find weird: why did I get the side effect 8 days into taking the meds. Or since I was to take them before bedtime, could I have possibly slept through any prior episodes of Flushing that I may have had. Who knows. What I do know is that I'm not taking those pills again.


Friday, March 6, 2009

The Loss of Manners

A lady was getting off the bus with a shopping cart and her back wheels got stuck between the curb and the bus steps. A young guy was waiting for her to get off so he could get on. Seeing that she needed help he did nothing of the sort. I helped her and he got on the bus first in front of the other ladies. People wonder why this country is in decline. Its the youth that has it all offered to them who doesn't feel the need to work to improve themselves. The easy way out is what they look for and they have no time for simple courtesies like Please, Thank You and Excuse Me. Forget about chivalry, the use of manners are for a bygone era. God help this country.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Guy and The Bulldog on the Subway

Here's an oldie but goodie that I found in my archives:

This guy gets on the downtown 4 train with a medium sized bulldog. As he stands against train doors, he turns on a portable DVD player and connects portable speakers to go along with it. Now the whole train has to hear his movie which is full of profanity. Here's where the Bizarro moment lies: he's also wearing headphones listening to music.

Someone taps him to get his attention. The man asks him to lower the volume since no one else really wants to hear his movie and movie guy has the nerve to get upset. As if. As with the lack of phone etiquette that some people are missing, there is no consideration for people who insist on playing either their music, or in this case their movie, at a loud volume. Put headphones on your DVD player. Oh right, you already had them on your music player. My bad.

Movie man acts in a way that the man who tapped him on the shoulder had invaded his personal space instead of the other way around. Union Square approached and I got off the train to make a connection to the downtown 6 train local. As I looked back, movie man was ranting and raving about God knows what as his dog just yawned and put his head down to take a nap. At least we see which of the two has the most common sense...Poor dog.