Saturday, June 26, 2010

The U.S. Falls and with Ghana, Africa Rises

2-1. That was the fateful score that saw two countries take different forks on the crossroads of the World Cup. The United States played admirably bowing in defeat to the African nation of Ghana today in Rustenberg, South Africa. Where in tournaments past, the United States played above expectations by tying European powerhouse England, tying Slovenia and beating Algeria. Though they will not continue in the tournament to play Uruguay, nothing but praise should be showered on the U.S. players. In the global view, there is something larger here.

As I spoke to my friend Samuel yesterday, he seemed to be at odds with the match. Samuel is African, having been born in Liberia but has lived in this country for a number of years. He said he liked both teams but would have to root for Ghana. The reason being was that Ghana was the lone African team remaining in the field of 16 in a World Cup that is being played on African soil. The way I see it, the whole of Africa is resting their hopes and dreams for a World Cup champion on Ghana's shoulders.

As it is, the very idea of a World Cup being played on African soil shows how small the world has become and how important all the continents have become within the world system. What would further cement Africa's rise within said system than a victory of the cup by Africa's lone remaining representative: Ghana. Can it happen? I'm not sure of the odds but Futbol seems to me that it is a game of timely breaks and opportunities. Ghana plays a very tough opponent in Uruguay on July 2, 2010 so anything is possible. What I would believe that is more realistic is that the whole of Africa, regardless of religion, class, tribe, language and ethnicity will wrap itself within the flag of Ghana for at least the next week if not longer if Ghana continues to win. And that is why the game of Futbol is truly the world sport. It transcends all barriers.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

If A Tree Falls in the Forest, Do the Finns Hear It?

This guy walks in to the bar and I approach him for his ID. Now, I tend to stand out due to my size especially in an empty bar. The funny thing was, as I'm talking to him saying "Hello" and "Excuse Me" he just walks by me as if I wasn't even there. Now I know people have of late told me that I look as if I've been losing weight but really now folks. Three times I call to him and nothing. Ben steps in and tells him that he needs to show me his ID, he turns and looks at me as if I was Green and had 4 eyes. Here is how the conversation went:

"Did you not see me as I stood next to you saying Hello and excuse me"

"I'm from Finland"

"Ok, does that mean that people from Finland can't hear?"

"Oh, I don't understand very well"

"Dude, you're talking to me in English, what don't you understand. Your ID please"

"I only have a credit card"

Since I realized that he was only coming in to use the bathroom, I bid him farewell in a clear and concise voice that he could understand. Lucky for him I didn't put my foot up his Finnish ass. Douche.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Overheard Conversation of the Weekend

I overheard this conversation while walking on the platform of the Uptown 6 train at Bleecker Street.

Man 1: I got a dick just like you got a dick. I don't go that way. You don't have a vagina.

Man 2: It don't matter that I ain't got a vagina.

Man 3: Cause he's got a Booty-gina.

I had to bite on my tongue to not laugh out loud while walking to where Myron and I wait for the train, while Myron just shook his head while we walked. The stuff I hear during my travels.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Foot at the Pedi Shop

This story comes from my wife who had me laughing out loud at the diner during lunch.

Brigette was getting her manicure done when this woman walks in with a teenage girl who was bigger than she was. She asks for a manicure and a pedicure for the girl. The owner, Brian, was telling her the price for the work and the woman balked at the price. She claimed that since the girl was a teenager, she should have qualified for the child's price. For the record, the difference in price was $4 bucks. Brian, the owner, said that the price was for small children with small feet. Big feet paid the big foot price, LOL. I can see Brian now showing the woman with his hands: "Little Feet" and "Big Feet", apparently homegirl's daughter had some big hoofers.

So the argument goes on and on until Brian tells the woman to leave his store. And off she went with her big foot teenager in tow. Wish I was there to see that shit show.


Friday, June 4, 2010

How Desperate Has New York City Become

Is it me, or does the new media campaign to lure Lebron James to New York City sound desperate. With it's new Website C'Mon Lebron, the city, led my Mayor Bloomberg is practically begging and pleading with Lebron to come sign with the Knicks. How pitiful is that. Last I saw, the city I lived in was called New York City, not Whiny City.

I mean c'mon (pun intended), this is New York F'N City. We don't need to have our politicians and celebrities shilling to get ANY athlete to sign with any of our professional teams. It comes off as despaerate and cheap. Let the teams do the wining and dining.

Like Alan Feuer says in his article named To Lure a Star, A Big City Beckons, Cleveland Begs:

one could make the argument that the “C’mon LeBron” onslaught in New York is only the latest example of the city’s puzzling descent into boosterish antics that are perhaps better suited to less sophisticated towns.

Its just pitiful.