Friday, April 19, 2013


Things that happen in daily life often make you ask the question: "Why?" Now add a situation like the recent bombing of the Boston Marathon and the subsequent chaos that followed during the days after and the question "Why?" looms even larger.

For example, why did two young brothers allegedly do what they did. Why would these brothers lash out in a mode of terror when it seemed to many that knew them that they were enjoying the best of what the American Dream was providing them. These were two young men with apparent goals and aspirations  So the question "Why?" continues to loom large. We have yet to hear their side. With the death of the older brother, that question cannot be answered by him not can it be answered by the younger brother since he is on the lam.

Why the Boston Marathon. What statement did placing those bombs there want to be said. Why the senseless injuries, maimings, dismemberments, and deaths to two adults in the approaching the prime of their lives and a young boy of 8-years of age who never got the chance to live his life. Add to that the 26-year old police officer who was killed in the line of duty on the campus of M.I.T. Another person senselessly killed.

As a father of two children I empathize with all of the parents involved. One never wants to hear about one of your children being hurt, maimed, dismembered or killed. The thought is unimaginable. The feelings that these parents are experiencing is something that I hope to never feel. Those families will never be the same.

On the other side you have the father of the two suspects who feels as if his sons are innocent. How can a parent not empathize with his pain. Who wants to wake up to the news that their two sons are capable of undertaking such atrocities. No one wants to believe that of their babies. No matter how old they (and we) are, they will always be babies to us. Not only that but regardless of guilt, no parent wants to hear via TV that their son was killed by a combination of bullet fire and being run over by their fleeing younger son.

That family is torn asunder with relatives taking to the air talking about innocence, guilt, shame, embarrassment  astonishment and forgiveness among the many emotions that are being displayed. Taking different sides that undoubtedly will destroy familial bonds. That family will never be the same.
The family of missing the Brown University student whose name was mentioned on a police scanner since going missing in March went from jubiliation of their missing relative being found to unimaginable horror that he would be capable of these crimes to despondency that he was not the person being chased and was still missing. That family will not be the same.

The towns that are currently on lockdown will also never be the same. Any sound during the night reminiscent of gunfire will trigger memories of last night's events. A increase in the number of law enforcement at any time will bring back memories. Anyone who would resemble all of those involved will bring back memories. Those lives will never be the same.

In the end, all parties involved will all have different questions that will all start with one word: Why. Its a question that we may never get an answer to.

May everyone in the greater Boston area be safe and may this situation come to a swift end and hopefully without anymore injury and loss of life.