Monday, December 27, 2010

Sisco's Snow Adventure December 2010

For all of you out there in the NYC tri-state area who were hoping for a white Christmas, you're wish almost came true. The cold white stuff came en-masse the day after and it is here to stay for a while. 

Starting during the morning of the 26th and mercifully coming to an end sometime during the early part of the 27th, NYC received over a foot and a half of snow. Guess who was on the move during the festivities. Yup, yours truly, the humble narrator. See, as a bar worker for a bar that NEVER closes, there's really no snow days. Sure, I could have called out but why should I lose out on making money. In my line of work, no work=no pay. So in the middle of the storm I bundled up and went on my merry way. As you can see in the video that follows this paragraph my trip down was a bit intense but somewhat manageable. Heck, I got downtown in such a speedy fashion that I was able to make a detour at Best Buy in Union Square. For the record, the place was busy...and the economy is bad, but I digress. 

Throughout the night we were visited by many poor souls who for one reason or another were thrust outside in the snow and came to our oasis-like doors for some warmth and nourishment of the liquid kind. In and out they came and the snow continued to fall at a steady pace. As the hours ticked on by, Mike and I wondered how bad our respective commutes would be. He was going to the Upper West Side while those of you who have read this blog before know that I live in the Bronx, over a mile from the subway. That little tidbit will loom large later on. As you will see from the next video, getting downstairs to get the train would prove to be hazardous to the most hardiest of souls. Lo and behold, I made it down unscathed and was told by a mysterious oracle that my very moves were being watched. Interesting indeed.

As I mentioned in the last video, my ride on my favorite Philly Iron Horse #6 would indeed be the proverbial quiet before the storm. Having arrived at the Morrison-Soundview Station at 4:57am, I figured that I could catch either the Bx27 or the Bx4 buses. To my surprise, Lady Fate threw me a curveball. There were no buses. AT ALL. To make matters worse, there were no cabs to be seen. So after 25 minutes I gave up hope of relying on automotive transportation and started hoofing the over one and a half miles to my humble abode. Videos #3 and 4 brings my epic journey to a close. Odysseus had nothing on me. A man-eating Cyclops? Bah!!! Amateurish. Try walking the mean streets of the Bronx at 6am with the wind whipping snow and ice from every conceivable direction. That my friends is EPIC!!!!!! LOL.

Anyway, have a laugh at my adventures. I know I can now especially since I'm writing this while on the train heading back down to work after having walked another mile since the buses STILL aren't running and I am anticipating another mile walk home at around 5am. Thanks to the lord for giving me the strong legs and the strength that I use to plow my way through the snow. Until my next adventure folks. Stay tuned


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The First Snowfall

The first snow of the season fell lightly to the ground casting soft silhouettes in the halogen lights of the waiting cars as they descended from the clouds above. Footprints of different sizes littered the now white sidewalk going to and fro. The slick and shiny street played a direct contrast with the white covering on the surrounding sidewalks. The ebony asphalt shone like polished black leather against the seemingly pure white bookends of the powdered sidewalks. Light crunches of a passing pedestrian interrupted the imagined soft muted sounds of the flakes landing one on top of the other. The fate of these shiny little flakes lies in being crushed under the footsteps of those whose footprints would be littering the sidewalk in the hours to come thereby ending the first snow flakes to land during the first snow of the season.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dudes Walking on the Tracks

Never let it be said that I get surprised while waiting for the trains but this morning caught me with my mouth open. As I waited for the 5:14am train at Bleecker Street, I see these two guys just strolling on the downtown express track.

Now mind you, I see men and women on the tracks on a regular basis but those people are supposed to be there with their hard hats and safety vests. These two fools (and what else would they be) were just strolling on by and (at one point) skipping along. The few of us that were waiting for the now approaching train were yelling at the dudes to get off of the tracks. To which I yell at these two knuckleheads to do so on the downtown train and not in front if my train. 

I really wish that I could have taken a picture or video of those dudes but I was taken aback with the balls these dudes exhibited by walking down the track. Jackassery at it's best or worse depending on your point of view. Wow, simply wow.