Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's Been a While

Between the new bartending gig and the forced vacation, I haven't had time to write. Not that I haven't had subjects to write about such as the woman with the inappropriate bathing suit for her size getting her vulva massaged last week on Coney Island beach in front of everyone. But this guy on the 6 train takes the cake.

So this dude a few people away from me is bopping to the music that he's listening to on his headphones. From what I can tell, he's listening to a Bachata. He's basically dancing in his seat exclaiming that "this is my shit". He likes this particular tune so much that he decides to put on loudspeaker so we all can enjoy his tunes. Lo and behold, no one really dug his tune and he took it off speaker and kept dancing in his seat.

Then he decides to talk to the man to his right that is visibly trying to ignore him. Bachatero starts talking about how he always buys Nikes never spending less than $100 per pair. But this time he decided to buy $15 kicks. Why? I don't know, he started rambling to himself as to why. Thankfully for the dude to his right, he gets off at Hunts Point Avenue singing the rest of his song. 

On a side note, this other dude who was a gay as the day was bright let the whole train know about his new haircut and how his hair looked nastier today but was now looking fly with the double lines he had put around his head. He was definitely the fashion-plate. That's right papa, you strut your stuff.  LOL.

Oh well, back to work tomorrow. Man 12 days went by WAY too fast.