Friday, November 12, 2010

Littering and Saying Something

I often find that I bite my tongue and shake my head when watching people litter. There are times that I want to say something to these litterbugs but every so often something happens that makes me realize that silence is the best way to deal with these pigs.

I was heading down to work on the 5 express after having dropped the kids off with my wife. As the train is letting passengers on and off at 86th Street, I notice a man yelling out the door to my right. I can't tell why he's yelling and who he's yelling at but I notice that he's holding the doors open while they are trying to close. The bespectacled man finally lets the door close when a pair of hands interrupts the closing and pries the doors open again. Another man steps on the train, says something to the bespectacled man and swings at him hitting him on the left side of his face and gets off the train. His punch sent people scattering across the train car to the "oohs" and "ahhs" of a few teens on the train.

The bespectacled man said to no one in particular: He was littering on the platform. There was a garbage can no more than 3 feet away from him. 

I wonder if getting popped in the face was worth opening his mouth. Could have been worse for him. Hence why I bite my tongue and just shake my head when people litter. I'm really getting tired of this city and the bullshit.