Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Gatorade Bottle and The Missed Train

Since this week is the Fasttrack along the Lexington Avenue line, I have to take a detour on my way home and decided to take either of the Broadway line trains. As I walk down to the 8th Street station I notice a train is approaching which if anyone who rides the N and R trains on a regular basis know catching one late night with nary a wait is truly a blessing. I get on and notice that the train is an N.

So at the next stop, a man gets on and sits down next to an 1/3 full bottle of Gatorade. The bottle was there when I got on the train. He grabs the bottle (which is obviously not his) and proceeds to take a swig from it. This act draws the attention of the person who the Gatorade belongs to. He licks his lips excitedly since I assume the free drink was delicious. The former owner of the Gatorade just shakes his head and goes back to his reading.

The new owner then takes the bottle and plays a nice beat along it's bottom while singing a tune that I couldn't understand. There seems to be something amusing to him as he would laugh and chuckle almost at random. As fast as this show started, he got off the train at 34th Street. End of the adventures? No way.

I get off at 59th Street to catch the 6 train and see I have a 15 minute wait for the next train. The 4 train is due to arrive in 10 minutes. Why is this important? Well here goes.

As the 4 train pulls in and pulls out, I hear someone yell out "Fuck". A man goes through the turnstiles and misses the train. Nothing special there right? Well the dude goes on the kind of major league tantrum that two year old go one. He starts yelling out "Fuck" as if it was on a constantly playing loop and proceeds to kick a garbage can on the platform, to smack his newspaper on the upright beams. He causes a group to scatter from one of the benches as he throws his stuff down and starts shaking another garbage can while yelling "Fuck" into the can for about 10 times before he sits down on the bench resigned to the fact that he'd have to wait for the next train. As I pulled past him on the 6 train, no one would have looked twice at the now calm man reading his tattered newspaper.

Ah, the sights I see on the subway as a nightwalker. Gotta love it.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Some People Shouldn't Drink

On my ride home tonight, there was this stocky little pug of a guy who for no apparent reason that I could see was quite upset. Now to be honest, homie was hammered. How do I know? Well it's my job to know. My assumption was confirmed when after a few minutes of spitting and gagging, the dude threw up all over himself. The smell was that of booze. Plain and simple. If mad man wasn't already upset, this'd is reversal of fortune seemed to piss him off even more.

He started to slam his iPhone down on the seat next to him. He then stood up and started punching the head-butting the glass on the train doors. He was head-butting the glass so hard that he actually broke it. Man if this dude's head didn't hurt already, he's going to feel it later if and when he sobers up. Luckily he got off the stop before me at St. Lawrence Avenue. Hopefully he doesn't find something he's not looking for in his travels.