Monday, March 29, 2010

Pretty Woman? Pretty Gullible!

So the NY Post reported (yes, I know its the NY Post, but this is a story that I couldn't resist) about a Pretty Woman scenario that went awry. So this 57-year old Tulsa businessman (who will remain nameless) saw a picture of this 26-year old woman (nameless as well) on an online dating service and fell in love with her. In a parallel scene to Julia Roberts' character, the young lady was an escort who was deep in debt with two young children (Well, Julia's character didn't have kids).

Ok folks, help me out here by cueing up the violins, the businessman wanted to help this poor woman to achieve success by helping her move from Wyoming to live with him, paying for her school and giving her more than $110,000 dollars. And, SURPRISE, unlike the movie where the businessman ends up being a hero and keeping the woman in the end, the escort just up and left with his cash. Now the man is suing for what he refers to his missing money as a "defaulted loan".

Yes folks, where it was previously money given out of love to a woman that needed help to achieve her dreams of a successful life was now a defaulted loan. Um, dude, what did you think was going to happen. Really? The fairy tale ending was going to happen for you? Read the description of herself that she posted on her Cityvibe page:

Hello Gentleman!! I am a young, vivacious sweet redhead with a VERY naughty side. I love to cater to men and give them everything they have been seeking. I always respect your time and am realiable, clean, classy and will never rush!!! I am available this today and tonight for the entire night at any time. I have recently moved back to Oklahoma from NYC where I was a VIP companion so I know EVERYTHING that a man loves but still with that sweet southern spirit of an accommodating girlfriend. I will also welcome and accomodate the activites that you would like to pursue during our time together! I look forward to meeting you! I can easily accomodate in/out call at your convenience.

The naivete some people have is astounding. The idea that this dude could be the proverbial knight in shining armor and not only save, but change the ways of the poor misguided damsel in distress. Please. Maybe I'm a skeptic and distrusting in the worse way but that tomfoolery only happens in Hollywood and in fairy tales. Damn fool.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

My experience with Divx Customer Service

Last month I purchased the Divx Pro 7.0 bundle for my video editing needs. So I noticed that is past weekend, there was an upgrade to the Divx Pro from 7.0 to 8.0 and I decided to download the upgrade. When I loaded up the Divx Pro Converter 8.0 program, it said I was on a trial. Since I owned the license for the prior version for less than two months, I felt that I should have been eligible for the free upgrade. So I contacted Divx customer support through their website Divx Support.

To their credit, I received a response earlier today and here is their response:

Dear DivX user,

Free upgrade is only available for customers who have purchased DivX Pro 7 within 30 days of the DivX Plus launch, March 16th.

I see you have made your purchase 02/04/2010. Technically, you are not eligible for this free upgrade.

However, you are eligible for a 50% off discount when upgrading to DivX Plus.

On top of that, since the date is so close and I can totally relate to your issue, we are going to give you a free upgrade anyways.

Here is how you can get a free upgrade to DivX Plus:

Go ahead and install the latest DivX Plus bundle:

You will not need to purchase again your MPEG-2 plug-in. That will work as usual after you register. In order to register your DivX Plus bundle, go to Start > All Programs > DivX Plus > Register. Then enter the Serial numbers:

Please let us know if the above does not answer your issue.

Thank you,
DivX Support Team

I have to tell you, Divx could have easily said you can get the product at 50% off which still would have been only $10 dollars, but with their extra effort of giving me the free upgrade, Divx can always count on my loyalty. Awesome.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weird Conversation of the Night

I was a witness to a bizarre conversation outside of the bar last night. In order to protect the identities of the innocent, names and details have been changed. So I was at the front door talking to Dude as he was having a smoke when this couple comes outside. The husband asks if he can bum a smoke which the dude obliges. So the Dude, Husband and Wife start chit chatting about California (the couple just moved back from L.A.), female pubic hygiene and male facial hair (You really don't want to know, LOL) and other random subjects that can be covered in time that it takes to have a smoke. Then the conversation gets weird.

The Wife tells the Dude that he looks familiar. After a second, she says to him "I have your phone number on my phone", to which the Dude said "Yeah right". They all decide to do a shot together and go inside. While inside, it really takes a weird turn. As they do their shot, the Wife gets up to use the ladies room. The Husband has her phone and makes a phone call. I watch as the dude looks at his phone and has a missed call. The Wife did have his number on her phone since the Husband had just dialed it. The dude had a perplexed look on his face when the husband stared straight into the Dude's face and said point blank "Did you sleep with my wife?". The Dude swiftly answered "No Way dude". All night the Dude was wondering how in the hell did the Wife get his number and as certain that he was that he didn't sleep with her, he could not be truly certain. Weird indeed. LOL.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quotes of the Night

In celebration of the rain that we are currently receiving here in NYC, here is one of the quotes of the night:

There's only 2 things that melt in the rain: Sugar and Shit. And luckily for you, you ain't that sweet but you're not that shitty either.

Happy Rain Dancing.

This one come from a pair of Italian tourists who couldn't believe that Myron and I would not let them in on their word that their ID-less friend was 27: "Fuck America"

I understood their point about not needing to carry an ID in Italy but ladies, When in Rome...No pun intended. LOL.

Just Call Me "Mr. Ed"

I can normally say that I don't hear many new things when it comes to the connection of my chosen Nom-de-guerre with customers. Last night proved differently.

I was introduced to this young lady who works in a lounge nearby with a friend of mine. Now we all believed that we had met one time before but in case we hadn't met, what harm can come from a second introduction.

So My friend says this is Diamond, she works at the bar with us. As I shake her hand I say my name is Sisco. She lights up and returns the following to me:

"Sisco? That's the name of my horse! No offense. You know how many times people have told me that Diamond was the name of their dog? No worries, My horse Sisco is a sweetheart"

I have no doubt that my Equine counterpart shows a high level of sweetness towards his owner. LOL. Naturally, all of us Siscos, no matter what size, shape or species we are, are great in exhibiting the sweetness.

Hey, at least she said I was the name of her horse and not her donkey or jackass. LOL. It is like Donkey says in Shrek 2 "I'm a Stallion, Baby!!!"


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chile vs. Haiti...Who's Better Off????

I read a post to the Being Latino blog page that left a bad taste in my mouth. It had nothing to do with the commentary, but with the subject. It has been debated in the media wether or not the people of Chile is in a better position to deal with the 8.8 earthquake that hit the city of Concepcion this past weekend as opposed to the people of Port-Au-Prince Haiti. I mean really now, does it matter? Earthquake victims are earthquake victims regardless of where they are from and what economic class they come from. Those that are under the rubble are trapped regardless of what school they went to, what neighborhood they lived in and what jobs they did. Take the following article as an example: Why Chile Fundraising is Off to a Slow Srart.

The article quotes an article from The Chronicle of Philanthropy dated March 1, 2010 which states the reasons for the lack of fundraising for Chile's earthquake victims. Here are some of them (Thanks to Efrain Nieves of the Being Latino Blog for the synopsis):

According to the Chronicle:

- Oxfam America had so far raised $3,499 for relief efforts in Chile while it raised $2.9 million in the same time period for Haiti;
- World Vision U.S. has raised $220,000 so far for Chile while $3.9 million was raised in for Haiti;
- The American Red Cross held off on launching a text-messaging campaign for Chile relief efforts, although it raised $1,000,000+ for Haiti.

What's the hang-up?

There are a few reasons for the slower pace, says The Chronicle.

- Chile is in a better position to deal with the damage than the impoverished country of Haiti.
- The earthquake happened over the weekend when fewer people are tuned into the news.
- Chile had requested assistance from the United Nations, but not yet from international humanitarian groups.

Not to place blame, but the Latino community has dropped the ball. Being the largest "minority group" here in the United States should have led to a bigger movement to generate aid for the victims of Chile as was done for those in Haiti. Where are our actors, actresses, singers and influential people here in the United States asking for funds and making songs for the Chileans as was done for the Haitians. It really sucks that this becomes a popularity or pity contest (depending on your point of view). To paraphrase my friend Matt Hill who compared the poor in the United Staes who are in need to those in Haiti:

You put a suit or pretty dress on them (the poor in Haiti) they look great and Oprah is proud. You put a suit on one of ours and it looks like a homeless guy in a suit. It's all about perception and Haiti is in.

And I guess Chile is out.

To Donate to Chile through Habitat for Humanity Click Here
To Donate to Chile through the Family Care Foundation Click Here
You can now text “Chile” to 90999 to donate $10 to survivors of the Chile earthquake.