Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stories from the Bar on a Saturday Night

Story I
So during the Serena/Clisjters US Open semi-final, something happens that causes Serena to walk off the court. As the drama is unfolding on the screen, this dude takes a stool and stands on it to reach the TV over the vending machine. He proceeds to raise the volume. When I ask him what he's doing, he says "I'm raising the volume". I proceed to tell him that the least he could do is ask since its not his bar or TV's to touch. He says but its a bar (Like its ok to do so) and I retort that I would never touch a TV in a bar if I never worked there. The dude waves me off like its no big deal and half-assedly asks if I can raise the volume. Any guess on my answer? NO, in spite I wasn't going to raise the volume and HE says that I was rude because I wouldn't grant his request. The presumptiousness of some people. Maybe I was raised differently to respect other people's property. As they left, he says to me "Where did I learn my manners", to avoid any escalation I just told him to have a good night. What a turd.

Story 2
So we have a line for the men's room (as is prone to happen on busy Friday and Saturday nights) and I'm getting the dudes in and out as fast as I can. So as I'm almost done on the line, this dude tries to shoot past me into the ladies room. I tell him "Sorry bro, can't let you in there". The "Bro" had a short haircut, a plaid shirt and shorts. So "he" looks up at me and says in a woman's voice "Oh, I think I can prove that I can go in there". I take a double take and look at HER chest (there were breasts there, little ones mind you) and just laugh with her. As she goes in, I open the door and tell her that's a dirty trick which got her to laugh harder. As she comes out I ask her "How often do you do that" and she goes on to say "Every chance I get" as she squeezes my arm. Well, that made up for the turd in story 1..

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2001-September 11, 2009

Once again the calendar has traveled a full year and landed on the somber day of September 11. Eight years have passed since that fateful day that changed the way we New Yorkers live. The sky is bare in that patch where the twins once stood. The hearts of those who lost loved one still ache from their untimely loss.We remember them fondly, prefering to celebrate their lives than to mourn their deaths. May they rest forever in peace.