Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Riding The Early Morning Silver Bullet

I notice that homie who is is riding the Bx27 bus directly across from me is chugging a tall can of The Silver Bullet: Coors Light. At 5:48am.

Granted, he probably just got out of work like I did, but damn bro. You gotta drink it on the bus without a paper bag? Without trying to conceal it from the bus driver? LOL. Even the bus driver laughed and shook his head when he noticed. That my friends is the proper punctuation mark to the end of the work week. Peace.


People Sure Have A Set of Balls on Them

This couple comes into the bar and proceed to go use the bathroom. As they come back to the front, they stop and watch the Yankees game. I wait a few minutes before asking them if they would like something and the woman comes and asks me for a water. I let her know that if they are going watch the game they need to order something to drink aside from water the woman walks off upset saying All I want is water".

I wait a few more minutes and again ask them if they want something and they say "No". I tell them:

If you're not going to order a drink then you need to leave. You can watch the game from outside through the window. The woman of the couple proceeds to leave in a huff as if I did something wrong by telling them to buy something or leave.

I mean really. Who thinks that its fine to go to a bar and just stand inside the bar, use the facilities and watch the game without buying something. Get the fuck outta here.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day 2012

Before I relay today's tidbit, I just want to send a heartfelt thanks to all the servicemen and servicewomen who risk their lives and have given the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy these freedoms that many of us take for granted. Now on to the Memorial Day story.

We had this young Marine in the bar last night who is being deployed to Afghanistan this upcoming July. So as you can imagine he was hanging out with friends and really trying to tear one on. He was sucking down his drinks as if they were just water. At one point he kept trying to order a drink and I told him that I think he should have a glass of water instead. At the same time his friends came up to the bar and told me that he was done and should have water. We were on the same wavelength. This just pissed the kid off who proceeded to say under his breath "I'm giving up my freedom for these motherfuckers and I can't get a drink". Shit like this pisses me off because I comped him a couple of drinks because he was being deployed. In appreciation of what he was about to do.

I got his attention and spoke to him sternly:

As much as I appreciate you giving up your freedom for this motherfucker right here (pointing to myself), continuing to serve you when you've had enough would make me negligent and irresponsible. Just as you have orders and rules to follow in the service, I have orders and rules that I need to follow here behind the bar. It's not personal. You've just had enough to drink.

I could just sit back and keep pouring and making money off of them. But if something were to happen to him on his way home or to the ship we are liable. We're the ones held responsible because we, and myself specifically, did not "cut him off". Professionally we have a responsibility to our clientele who might resemble adults in age but not in behavior. Bartenders need to be smart and know "when to say when" when a customer doesn't.

Not only that, morally I have a responsibility. That's someone's son there. I would hate that to be one of my kids getting shit drunk and having something happen to them when someone could have cut them off. Sure you can only do so much", people are individuals and will do whatever they want whether or not it is harmful. The "so much" you can do can go a long way. To do NOTHINGwhen you pour the drinks is irresponsible.

In the end, his friends paid for the tab and off they went bringing a close to another Fleet Week in New York City.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Douchebag de Mayo

Says its sad when at 7:45 in the evening a young woman gets on the train piss drunk and due to her inebriation almost cracks her head on the seat to her right when she passes out due to her activities during Douchebag de Mayo. How do I know she was drunk? Well, I have worked in a bar for I've 15 years so I have some experience in the matter but in a more obvious manner, she smelled like a broken bottle of Jose Cuervo Gold tequila and stale line juice. Sad Indeed, Happy Cinco/Douchebag de Mayo.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Line of the Night May 1, 2012

Says this was the line of the night. Someone asked me for the following at the bar: "Do you have a nail clipper? My toenails are getting too long. I need to it them"

Now part of me wished I had a pair of clippers handy so that I could A) see of he would clip them at the bar and B) see if he would try to return them to me when he was done using them on his toenails.

Alas, we will never know.